Who are we?


The Observatory of the Olympic Games initiated at Paris-Est University is a platform that federates several dozens of researchers whose work focuses on the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris. The objective of this multi-partner structure is to bring together researches about the 2024 Paris Games and be a central interlocutor for support as well as assessment of the impact and legacy of the games.Its role is to promote scientific work in all disciplines and on all topics related to the Olympics: to stimulate, support, develop and promote research on the 2024 Paris Olympics and their evaluation.

The goal is to federate the dynamics of the research that focuses on the Olympics. This mission is based on the networking and coordina­tion of researchers interested in the subject. The most visible part of this dynamic will manifest through a series of scientific events. The purpose is also to encourage the creation of project-teams oriented towards responding to orders while at the same time generating them. The point is also to coordinate actors of different nature who are invested in these Olympics: connecting scientists to create these project-teams which will be able to deal with specific or interdisciplinary issues and answer calls for projects; coordinating scientists with other categories of actors (political, sports, community, etc.) in order to facilitate communication and also suggest action-researches, diagnoses, project guidance or partnering.

In other words, it aims at being a key partner to bring researchers together and facilitate exchanges with all stakeholders. In this context, it also gives greater visibility to research aimed at decision-makers and the general public through gathering all scientific work on the subject. It is therefore a matter of conducting research on the Olympic Games, but also of carrying out action-researches to support and optimize their development in the areas concerned.